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Golfers competing for Enders Lake Golf Course included, from left, non-playing captain John Burke, Troy Space, Matt Borchers, Rogan Einspahr, Jesse West, Lee Denker, Joe Humphrey, Joel Burke, Kerry Denker, Matt Jablonski, Matt Teply, Harold Nordhausen and Matt Klima.

Imperial defends Chase County Cup in match play event with Enders

Imperial defended its right to hold the Chase County Cup for another year, defeating Enders 14.5 points to 9.5 points in the annual match play duel.

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Duncan Rector had a successful bear hunt Sept. 11 at Nathrop, Colo. Rector is hopeful the bear will qualify for Boone and Crocket. Field dressed at 325 pounds, Rector is having the meat processed and Rod Rector said they expect the cape to be around six feet-by-six feet once the taxidermist is done. The wild, untagged bear was estimated at 10-years old by the taxidermist.

Rector bags first bear



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