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TAYLOR'S TIDBITS: A star’s solitary shine PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 20:40

Every night as you lie in bed, teetering on the edge of sleep, there is a lone little star. She is casting her rays above you. Past your bedroom, above your roof, beyond even the man on the moon.

Stars have a funny way of casting their light. They don’t have to scream their shine. But ever so gently does a beam smile from their rays.

There may be an unimaginable amount of stars in the sky. But if you look closely, they all don’t glow – they all don’t gleam –they all don’t glitz the very same. Each has its own special kind of grandeur.

A light separating them from the rest.

Brave is the lone star who steps out onto night’s darkened stage. Her sole sparkle slices through the unknown air. It’s a scary leap to hurl yourself in the indefinite darkness. It takes courage to curl up next to the blackness, and shine with your entire heart.

At night while looking up into the sky, there is a hum of silence. But for stars, this speaks more than words could ever say. They don’t have to call attention to their shining. They just shine. Holding your gaze with the simplest act of existing in their truest state.

It’s scary to shine your own light in the shadows. But you can’t worry about the darkness – that is when stars shine the brightest.

She is out there, you know. Past your window pane, beyond the midnight fog. Before you escape into Dreamland, and nestle deeper into your sheets, there is a lone little star. She is bedazzling, brilliantly burning with gathered strength.

She may be among more than a million. But despite this and that scary blackness, she pierces through the darkness. And that, could make anyone smile – even the man on the moon.