Saving energy lessons for children (and adults)

Our lives are intertwined with a growing list of consumer electronics that rely on electricity. It’s important for children to understand that electricity costs money & their special electronic items use electricity. Teaching good electronic habits helps save money on the electric bill, reports Extension Education Kathy Burr.
    Children tend to learn by observing their parents, grandparents or even older siblings. When lights are turned off when leaving a room or the phone charger is unplugged once the device is fully charged, they notice!
    Teaching your children (or grandchildren) about saving energy is not only a creative way to spend time with them; it helps your home to be more energy efficient and can instill good habits that will benefit them as they grow into adults.
    Children of all ages can learn a few simple energy saving habits that can last a lifetime:
    Turn off lights, devices, computers and video consoles when not in use
    Open blinds and curtains during winter days to let warm sunlight in and close them during summer days to keep your home cooler
    If children are old enough to run the dishwasher or wash their own clothes, teach them to run these appliances only with a full load and during off-peak energy hours
    Watch less TV- read a book instead! A book doesn’t require electricity to run and is more relaxing.
    When you play video games or watch TV, turn off when you are done.

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