Sunrise Heights Happenings

As I’m beginning to write the Sunrise Heights article there is a nice layer of snow on Santa in his sleigh and on the reindeer. The snow is laying nicely and is pretty as a picture on the front yard here at Sunrise Heights. Also I chose this day to start my article. It’s early to get it to the Breeze, if I do! I’ll try.

It’s also Pearl Harbor Day, one that I’ve had on my mind ever since 1941. I’ve written before how scared I was as I held our one-month old little boy and now I recall being scared during bad news from the war we were in. We were on the farm and I thought the enemy would march down the road south of our house and get us all. I realize now, how foolish it was to be so afraid. Now I am grateful to be here, safe and sound. I recall movies we saw them and they always ran the latest news from the war before the movie. War is such a thing to endure.


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