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Ryan McCrumb closes off one of the 62 fire hydrants the village flushed over the past week.

Wauneta Village Board of Trustees discuss four-way intersection safety

The Wauneta Village Board of Trustees met Oct. 10 for its annual village board meeting.  Chief Deputy Mike Dukes was present to give the sheriff’s report. Dukes mainly spent his time discussing the four way stop where Tecumseh and Wichita intersect.
    Red blinking solar powered lights were placed atop the stop signs at the intersection in hopes of getting drivers to come to a complete stop. At last month’s meeting Dukes  said he has found that drivers continue to simply drive slowly through the intersection rather than coming to a complete stop, especially during the day.
    Dukes issued warnings to three different drivers who failed to come to a complete stop, and several board members noted they too have noticed countless drivers committing the same act.
    Dukes explained that drivers do not have an excuse, especially at night, because the blinking red light can be seen from several blocks away. He expressed that it is getting to the point where citations will have to start being issued to drivers who fail to come to a complete stop.
    Chairman Tony Cribelli mentioned that several community members have expressed concern with the four way stop by Wauneta Coop Oil because it is closer to the school, and has more pedestrian traffic.
    “It is always a negative if you issue a ticket, but if it is what it’s going to take to get people to stop you’ve got to do it,” said Cribelli.
    The board agreed that there are still several things the village could do to enforce the stop signs, without cluttering up the town like putting up “stop ahead” signs. However, the board also agreed that they hope it doesn’t come to adding more signs.

Nursing home report
    Board members Bob Goings, Page Johnston, Rick Einspahr and Village Clerk Evelyn Skelton were present at Wauneta Care and Therapy’s monthly meeting.
    Johnston reported that, from what they observed, the nursing home had a decent month. August’s operating cash was at $75,688 and total receivables at $170,035.
    Currently the village matches up to three percent of Wauneta Care and Therapy Center employees’ 401k plan. As per agreement, the village has to match three percent every three out of five years. Currently the village has matched three percent the last four years.
    Despite discussion and concern of the current state of the economy, the board approved to match three percent of qualifying employee’s 401k plans for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Cribelli and Einpahr plan on attending next month’s meeting.

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