Downey Drilling Inc. works on reducing the ground water level at the sewage main site.

Village of Wauneta sewage main project across Frenchman River underway

The Village of Wauneta has been actively preparing for a major sewage project the last couple of months.
    The Wauneta Village Board of Trustees approved of the sewage project June 27, 2017. When originally installed the river water level was higher than the now problematic main. With the ever sinking water level the main is now exposed which, according to village superintendent Bill Bischoff, allows a higher risk of possible damage to the main during a storm or, in the winter, ice.
    In the June meeting Bischoff noted that if the main was significantly damaged it would allow river water to rush into the sewer system which would, ultimately, flood the lift station. Pumps would then be unable to keep up with the amount of water.
    After discussion with Miller and Associates and its engineers the village approved the replacement of the main with PVC pip encased in a half inch steel pipe lined with sand to protect the new main. Concrete supporters will be installed on each side of the river.
    Miller and Associates’ David Blau, who was present at the June meeting, said that under the State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan/grant proposal the village would be awarded up to $100,000 in grant funds and the rest of the funding would be a 20-year loan at the rate of one and a half percent plus an additional one percent for administrative fees.
    The village accepted a bid from Van Kirk Bros. for $209,480 in its August meeting.

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