Village of Wauneta makes strides in water rehab project

The Wauneta Village Board of Trustees made strides on the water rehab project at last week’s regular February meeting. They approved funds to complete work on well no. 3 and went into executive session to discuss possible land acquisition for the new well field south of town.
    The village has been working on a solution to the arsenic levels in the village’s water, which are above the state’s allowable level, for a few years now. Just over a year ago a cost-effective solution, in the form of well rehab, emerged as a possible solution, if the well rehab study proved successful.
    In October last year the village board learned that the study results are looking promising and decided to spend some funds to rehabilitate well no. 3 at the existing well field outside of town.
    Since that time, it was discovered that relining the well and replacing the existing pump with a submersible pump would require a few extra steps. The village had to gain approval from the state to complete work on the well.
    At last week’s meeting Village Superintendent Bill Bischoff told the board that the village’s engineering firm, Miller and Associates, and GeoSpec Drilling had worked out a plan to get the work done on the well.
    Board members approved funds to complete three projects on the well.
    First, a test hole will be constructed and e-logs will be completed on well no. 3 to determine which parts of the well need to be sealed to lessen the amount of arsenic in the water derived from the well. The test hole and e-logging will cost approximately $6,300.
    Second, the village will have the pump currently in well no. 3 pulled and grout the well to seal the flow of arsenic from the well. This portion of the project is estimated to cost $39,020.
    Third, the village will purchase and install a submersible pump in well no. 3 for the cost of $21,782. The current turbine pump will no longer fit down the well after the well is lined.
    The total cost of the three projects is estimated at $67,102.
    Bischoff explained to the board that well no. 3 could not be sealed and abandoned, which was discussed earlier in the process, because it is the only well currently on back up generation. Therefore, it is the well that supplies the village with water in the case of an electric outage.
    Another aspect of the well rehab project, as identified in the report submitted to the state last year, was to investigate and build a new well field south of town.
    Board members went into executive session last Tuesday to discuss possible acquisition of land for the new well field. After they returned to public session, board members approved a motion to authorize Page Johnston to negotiate with land owners to secure the necessary land for the new well field. Johnston will bring a proposal back to the board for approval.

One- and six-year road plan
    Other business completed at last week’s meeting included approval of the village’s one- and six-year road plan. The village held a public hearing on the one- and six-year road plans, where no public attended.
    Greg Wolford with W Designs was present for the hearing and discussion.
    The one- and six-year plans show no projects to be completed in the next year and projects previously included on the plan remain in the six year plan.
    Bischoff noted that the village will continue to do crack seal, approximately $6,000 worth, this summer.

Nursing home
    During the nursing home report it was pointed out that census at Sunrise Heights of Wauneta has been steady. Johnston said the census recently reached the nursing home’s maximum level of 36 residents for a time. As of last Tuesday the census was reported at 34 residents.
    Johnston stated the nursing home is currently $15,000 over budget, despite increased revenues. He said he had spoken to Lisa Kisinger regarding the overage and that several routine areas were most likely contributing to the overage.

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