Village of Wauneta to make offer on land adjacent to cemetery

The Village of Wauneta Board of Trustees held a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 19 to discuss the possible purchase of land adjacent to Wauneta’s Riverside Cemetery.

Ultimately, board members voted to make an offer on the land which consists of approximately 10 acres between the southern boarder of the current cemetery and Highway 6. 

Board members voted to make an offer of $20,000 on the property.

During the meeting board members discussed the necessity of the land purchase. They determined that the cemetery may need the extra space at some point in the future and therefore now may be the best time to make the purchase.

Board member Page Johnston informed the board he compared sales of similar properties and found the $20,000 offer to be reasonable.

Board members also discussed, but took no action on, the possibility of leasing out the land for farming or similar use at a later date. Not specific plans for development were agreed upon. 


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