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My article this week comes as we have observed Presidents Day. The thing on the bulletin board to remind us were silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I guess who they are and what they did was very important at that time, both were probably good little boys with parents who encouraged them.
    When I was in grade school I think now, of the incident of George maybe cutting down a cherry tree. I don’t even know if that was a fact and I think George said he didn’t do that. I’ve always wondered how that came out. Who did cut down the tree? Is his father the one who questioned George? I figure that if George had a little hatchet it was only natural for his father to suspect that George did it. Of course, just now I thought there could have been a hatchet involved.
    As George grew up he was a fine man. When he heard a war was on and needed young men. So he felt it to be completely his duty to help.     
    George found a fine young lady for his wife. Her name was Martha. Then several years later, after George’s presidency, the a choice of the people of the U.S. was to name a tall, dark headed man named Abraham Lincoln as their President and he became renowned for his leadership in the what that was raging and slavery in the south was prominent.
    As a kid in grade school, I was told I was a relative of Lincoln. Seems some lady of my Wisconsin relatives had a connection to Lincoln’s wife. The Todd name is said to be the name and I don’t think of that as special.

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