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I will greet you who read this with “Did you have a Happy Valentines Day?” There are questions that we were asked at one gathering, “Do you recall the nicest Valentine’s you ever received?” If so do you want to tell us why it was the nicest? Was it especially beautiful? Or who gave it to you? Maybe ladies would hesitate to tell the rest of us if it hadn’t been from the young man she eventually married!
    I am among those who had a card board box covered with pink or red crepe paper with red hearts all over it. Every small school had one of those. We may have thought of it at the time ours was the only school that had one. Then there was the day at home that my mother had come home from town with a package of flat Valentines picture cards, so I think I had to pick cards for the girls. If the message was too much about “Love” a girl might take it seriously. I’m sure their teacher started decorating a box quite lovely and usually she planned a Valentine’s Party for the day. That made it even more special for the students.

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