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Hello! Did you have fun during Easter? Did you get to attend an Easter Contata? Easter music is the very best, it is better than Christmas music, I think!
    This is Saturday afternoon and I’ve been watching the egg hunt here in the front yard at Sunrise Heights. As we were eating lunch, we could see out the big window. Ladies came to scatter the plastic eggs all over the front lawn and back in the trees and bushes. A lot of the eggs were in plain sight on the front lawn here. Some were too small to compete with the whole group. I saw one little boy I recognized, he is the son of Secily Troutman and his grandma cheered him on.  Brody knew what to do.
    I left when there was not an egg in sight. They had been a colorful display on the front lawn.
    It’s called an Easter Egg Hunt but at first they didn’t have to hunt. After the front lawn had no more eggs the children went to the back where they were in the trees and bushes. Later as I was trying to wind my way back to my room, I saw little ones carrying their little baskets full to the brim with the colorful eggs they had been lucky enough to find.
    So tonight they will be busy opening the eggs to see what message they may find and some will have coins that  will be special, I guess.
    One of our Sunrise dogs  present was enjoying the people she saw. It was Pip, if I have her name right. She’s the dog whose best friend is her big red ball. She enjoys if someone gets the ball and throws it then she quickly dashes to pick it up and brings it back in her mouth to the person that threw the ball. She then lays it at their feet and hurries to a place she think she is hidden. It’s often at the side of a wheel chair, where she bends her head down and peaks through the spikes of the chair, keeping her eyes on the ball.  She’s hoping that the person will throw or kick it and she is faithful to make the dash to retrieve it and bring it back. She is fun to watch.

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