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I apologize for the empty column last week. I don’t have a good excuse. But using my father’s expression I can say I was “under the weather.” I was cold, shivering, coughing the whole bit and I lost any energy., I might of had. It still hangs on,  and isn’t giving me a reason to expect to get back to normal. I’ve had the deep cough I usually have with a cold. I don’t know when I can be back to normal and I know my table mates will be glad. One asked me, “Have you seen a doctor?” No, I count on the care of my Sunrise nurses that help me. 

I can’t say the big ice storm helped me get a cold. I understand how it did effect a big problem for all the women who made great effort to get here for the day and night shifts and those that didn’t make it were really missed. They all made their best efforts to get all the residents their needed care. The problem experienced was getting to work over the icy roads, how do I get home after work, then the ice continued the next day and was a three day storm. Since I’m in here at Sunrise, safe and warm and  rather the travel conditions improved it continued to be a real concern for all the employee’s safety. They may all be good drivers and we need to be thankful for that. 

The sun did come out eventually and that storm can just be a memory now. I don’t recall we ever experienced such a long spell of ice in our years on the farm. What we remember were blizzards, snow drifts and all the complications they caused. Some of that could make a good story if I could remember all the details.

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