Local group has fun with murder

Somebody’s going to get murdered at Frenchman Valley Co-op Saturday, but it’s all in good fun.
    More than a dozen people will gather there that day for their fifth annual murder mystery party, according to
Cindy Fischer, one of the event’s organizers.
    “It basically came about because we had heard a lot of about murder mysteries and wanted to try something different,” Fischer said. “There’s really not a whole lot of stuff going on in town, so it was a chance to do something different. We’re just a group of friends that do it every year.”
    The event, a sort of combination of a game and an improvisational play, is available online from a company called Free Form Games.
    “What you do is you download the program,” Fischer said. “Each character has a booklet that tells what their history is, how they came to be where they’re at. It tells you what your objectives are for the night, what are the goals that they’re trying to reach, and each character has abilities or things they can do, because you’re not the only one trying to solve the murder that happened.”
    The actual murderer isn’t revealed until the last of several rounds, but each player has those side tasks to complete as well, like finding a stolen artifact.

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