Fire department called to Sunrise Heights Friday

Fire calls to schools and nursing homes are events nobody likes to see, but Wauneta has seen both in recent weeks. Thankfully, both have ended without injury or major damage.
    Friday afternoon at 12:51 p.m. MT a fire call went out from Sunrise Height of Wauneta with the report of an explosion in the kitchen.
    Nursing home administrator Lisa Kisinger explained the nursing home had been having issues with keeping its newest hot water heater lit since the installation of its new stove in February.
    Snell Services of North Platte was in the nursing home Friday testing the gas pressure to various appliances at the facility. As part of the test, all of the appliances, such as dryers, hot water heaters, stoves and ovens, were turned on full blast. During the test the new stove’s griddle, all of its burners and oven were all on.
    The explosion occurred in the kitchen. Initially it was thought the explosion was caused by a buildup of propane. However, Kisinger said after the Fire Marshall inspected the area, he discovered it was actually caused by a can of Pam cooking spray that overheated during the test.
    Kisinger said the cooking spray has been stored on a shelf above the stove for years, the same place kitchen staff store pot holders and the like, and there has never been an issue. However, it is believed that since all parts of the stove were turned on at full blast during the test, it created enough heat to cause the cooking spray to blow.

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