Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
    It is with my deepest regret, I announce that I have resigned my position as Chief Deputy of the Chase County Sheriff’s Office. This decision has been an extremely hard and emotional choice for me to make. It saddens me greatly to have been put into a position in which I feel I must terminate my employment.
    My time with the Chase County Sheriff’s Office has been some of the most memorable, enjoyable and educational that I have experienced in my 22 plus years in law enforcement.
    Sheriff Mueller—Kevin—my boss, my friend, my mentor has been and will forever remain a bright light in my memory of the Sheriff’s Office. I will also always have fond memories of all of my coworkers. They are some of the brightest and most dependable men and women I have had the pleasure to serve with and for. They deserve not only mine, but all who interact with them, respect and admiration.
    The career of law enforcement, being a “cop” so to say, is not one to be taken lightly. It takes a special person to carry a deadly weapon knowing, that even with many years of training, we may never be totally prepared to use it to defend ourselves, or God forbid, someone else where it means that a life maybe extinguished. Numerous years of training also never make the thought of giving your own life so that others might survive, an easy choice to make.
    It is what “we” do. It is what I do. It is what the members of your law enforcement agencies do. The honor and privilege of serving the badge is one that I and members of your Sheriff’s Office hold to the highest esteem.
    Your Sheriff’s Office has some truly amazing people serving you. Behind our badge, though we are human, too. We are persons with families and friends. Please remember that when seeing, speaking, dealing or just thinking of us—any of us.
    Due to the increased cost of the Family Health Insurance plan offered through Chase County to me and my family (an increase from just under $1,000 a month to almost $1,400 a month) I have found I can no longer afford to continue to purchase the county insurance policy. Had “we”—myself, my co-workers and any other county employees with whom I’ve spoken with—been informed of this substantial increase, I may have been able to obtain other coverage when the national”open option” was available.
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