Wauneta-Palisade students of the month

Miranda Behrends, Zoey Boos and Jillian Martinez were all nominated to be students of the month by several teachers in the Wauneta Attendance Center regarding aspects of academics, a positive attitude toward classmates and teachers, their behavior in structured and non-structured settings, integrity and character, as well as the responsibility they displayed and their attendance during this month.


Jillian Martinez

Jillian Martinez is a sixth grader who enjoys math, swimming and biking. She really enjoys playing basketball with her teammates and her classmates. The biggest role model in her life, besides her sister, Jeimy, would have to be her cousin, Erika Rodriguez. Her idea of happiness is her sister, Diane, because she makes her laugh. 

The quality that she values the most is someone’s personality. 

“If you look at their personality you can find out who they really are,” she tells us. 

Her favorite author is Jeff Kinney. Martinez’s favorite books by him are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Martinez’s motivation every day and every morning is her parents, Lupe and Omar Martinez. 

Her future goal is to become a doctor because doctors inspire her to help others. Her favorite animal is a cheetah because they are fast! 


Zoey Boos

Zoey Boos is an eighth  grader at Wauneta-Palisade. Her parents are Scott and Kirsten Boos.  Her favorite subject is Social Studies. 

She loves to ride horses and her favorite school activities are sports and band. Boos looks up to June Holeman as her role model. Basketball and horses are what make Boos happy. 

What Boos admires in others is somebody’s sense of humor. Her favorite book is Storm Chaser. Boos parents motivate her. She has a goal to go to the All American and NFR at least once. 

If you were an animal, what would you be? Boos said, “A horse because I like them and I think it would be fun to have four legs and be tall.”


Miranda Behrends

Miranda Behrends is the daughter of Aaron and Sara Behrends. She is a senior who enjoys listening to and playing music. 

She loves to read and her favorite author is Shel Silverstein. 

Her favorite subjects in school are choir and band. 

Behrends admires positivity in others the most. She’s motivated to go on lots of adventures in her life. 

Her goals include college, a degree and eventually traveling to Japan. If Behrends was an animal, she would be a pterodactyl, “because then I could fly.”


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