What makes a strong family?

A successful, strong family depends on relationships rather than family structure. All families function differently and all families have some strengths according to University of Nebraska- Lincoln researchers, reports Extension Educator Kathy Burr. These strengths have emerged from UNL research over 35 years involving 28,000 family members in 38 countries around the world.
    There are six general qualities that help strengthen families:
    1. Appreciation and affection–People in strong families deeply care for one another, and they let each other know this on a regular basis. This could be just sitting by a person’s side or giving them a quick hug and words of endearment such as I love you, I appreciate you.
    2. Commitment–Members of strong families show a strong commitment to one another, investing time and energy in family activities. This doesn’t mean that you have to attend every activity–it might be a neighbor that fills in sometimes.
    3. Positive communication–Strong families are often task-oriented but they also need to spend time talking with and listening to one another just to stay connected. Again, this can be just a quick e-mail, text or phone call to say Hi and how is your day? You need to communicate about end of life issues before the time comes to actually use them.

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