Try popcorn for a healthy, whole grain snack

Nebraska is the #1 producer of popcorn in the United States, producing nearly 45 percent of our nation’s crop. Popcorn can be a healthy snack, if made with little or no added salt and butter.
    It’s also good for you because it counts as a whole grain reports Extension Specialist Lisa Franzen-Castle. USDA’s Choose MyPlate recommends getting at least half of your grains from whole grains. Three cups of popped popcorn equal one serving from the grains group. Check out these suggestions to make popcorn fun and healthy.
    Popcorn is whole grain, contains fiber, and is naturally low in fat and calories. A cup of air-popped popcorn has 31 calories and oil-popped corn has 55 calories, adding butter or other flavorings will increase the calories per cup.
    Popcorn is great choice for between meal snacks because it satisfies and doesn’t spoil your appetite.
    Check the Nutrition Facts Label when buying pre-packaged popcorn to compare different brands and types and pick one with lower fat, sodium, and calories.
    Be careful when adding toppings like butter and salt because too much can turn a healthy snack into an unhealthy snack. Try to eat popcorn with little or no added salt or butter.

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