Protect your credit cards

Thieves can access your accounts, open new accounts and wreak havoc on your credit if they have your credit or debit card information. Instead of falling victim to identity theft, follow these simple guidelines to help guard your personal information. Photocopy both the front and back of all your credit and debit cards. Keep these copies in a safe and secure location so you will immediately have the information needed to cancel your cards if they are stolen.
    Be sure to keep all personal credit information secure. Sign all credit cards as soon as they arrive and pay all bills before the due dates. Immediately remove all mail from your mailbox. Do not leave credit card bills, transaction receipts, bank account statements or any other papers with account numbers out in the open. Tear all papers with sensitive information on them into small pieces before disposing of them. Do this even with mailings that indicate you have been pre-approved for or offer you a credit card.

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