Love your brain

Ask someone what the most important part of his or her body is, and the most common response would probably be “my brain!” Ask anyone what he or she does to preserve cognitive function, and the answer may not come so easily.
    New Year advertising campaigns force Americans to consider prominent health habits like diet and physical activity. If the brain is so important to us, perhaps we should pay attention to our brain health as well! According to the Alzheimer’s Association®, doing so could help reduce risk of developing chronic memory loss.
    Dementia is a catchall word, encompassing several disorders that cause memory loss, personality changes, or some sort of impairment, reports Extension Educator Susan Harris-Broomfield. It is a nonreversible decline in mental function. Alzheimer’s disease is a specific disease within the dementia definition that slowly and irreversibly destroys memory and thinking skills. There is a difference between the two and a correct diagnosis means getting the correct medications and support needed.


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