Live life with daily adventures, zero regrets

It is hard to believe that it is already July with August just around the corner. Where has time gone?

My heart is currently yearning for crisp cold mornings, baggy sweaters and the awe inducing reds and oranges fluttering through the sky.

Don’t worry, as soon as I open the door of my air conditioned haven and I’m blasted by a brick wall of fiery heat from outside I am quickly reminded that it is, unfortunately, still summer.

School/college is out, the sun is still shining after 6 p.m., the pool is open, gardens are planted and it’s finally socially acceptable to eat popsicles for breakfast ... right?

The sun is shining on all the potential opportunities of a new day, and here I am—stuck at work. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job and everything that I do, but after talking to my friends who are traveling Europe, going to the lake during the week or simply sleeping the whole day away, I can’t help but allow 10.3 percent of me be jealous.

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