Family mealtime

Family mealtime is when everyone at home sits down and enjoys a meal together. This can be at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has been shown that families who eat together are healthier and happier. All families are encouraged to cook together, eat together, talk together, and make mealtime a family time. This is true for every family from newlyweds to empty nesters and everything in between. Take time as often as you can to sit down together and share a meal. The meal doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated just a shared meal.
    There are many benefits of sharing meals. Relationships-eating together can help build closer relationships, by helping everyone learn about each other. Eliminate all electronic devices. Use this time to talk, connect, and make memories together. If your family needs ideas to get started talking, try some fun questions like, “What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?” or “What is your favorite thing to do outside?” or even something as simple as “What is your favorite color?” Each person could get a chance to ask their own question and EVERYONE has to answer! Remind everyone there are no right or wrong answers and that the questions should be fun.
    Better Nutrition–Usually meals prepared at home are more nutritious than meals eaten while dining out. Meals don’t have to be prepared all from scratch, just put together at home and eaten as a family.To read the full story, subscribe to the e-edition online or call the Breeze at 308-394-5389 to subscribe to the print edition


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