Every person determines their own speed

My one-speed Cruiser bike was definitely the way to go for my pedaling desires. I vividly remember years ago when it seemed like a good day to ride a bike to a breakfast meeting.
    There was absolutely no enjoying the fresh air and surroundings as I fought the gears and had a very exhausting ride. I blamed it on gear malfunction as this hadn’t been such an issue on other bikes.
    Upon arriving at my meeting, I expressed my frustration for the bike I never cared to ride again. One person said convincingly that I should try a Cruiser. She loved hers.
    Research found that the grandma wasn’t the only one who liked her bike. Even yuppies were buying them. That’s right. Yuppies, described as young people with well-paid jobs and fashionable lifestyles.
    I bought a blue one. Memories took me back to my first new green bike with a silver glittery banana seat and butterfly handlebars I got for my birthday. There were no hand brakes or gears. I pedaled forward to go and back to stop. It was my speed and my speed only.

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