Do you dwell on the black cloud or the silver lining?

Can you think of people in your life who always seem to be happy? They use a smile often, a hearty laugh, and their positive demeanor make them pleasant to be around.
    Do you suppose they are just fortunate to have a perfect life with no bumps in the road? Think again. I can pretty well guarantee they face challenges, some more devastating than others.
    What valuable trait do they have in common with other seemingly happy care-free cohorts?  A positive attitude! Some people search for the silver lining. Others dwell on the black cloud.
    I recently heard about a man in the nursing home who trudged along with crutches and exclaimed what a great day it was. Despite having a bad leg and loss of eyesight in one eye, he shared how lucky he was to have a good eye and one good leg so he could see and walk. What a fine example of choosing the content route rather than the feel-sorry-for-me life.

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