Grant & Ogallala Women’s Connection News

    “By Chance” or “on Purpose”? How do you live your life? On purpose plan now to attend the Grant/Ogallala Women’s Connection on Wednesday September 19th beginning at 2:30 p.m. MT  
    The afternoon event will be held at Westview at Westview Drive in Grant, NE.  Tickets are just $5.00 at the door.  
    The “Music from the Harp” will feature musical talents of Vickie Kumor from Grant, NE.  
    Richelle Cross Force from Westminster Co will share her story “Incidental Handicap” when she tells of overcoming the stigma behind a facial deformity.  She is a former newspaper reporter and photographer, a college English instructor and a medical transcriptionist. She has written a book and composed many songs and will share some of them throughout the afternoon.  
    The afternoon includes refreshments and reservations are very much appreciated.  
    Reservations can be made by calling Wanda Poppe at 308-353-1715, Marilyn Dahlkoetter at 308-284-3837, Evelyn McGregor at 308-289-5801 or via email to (evelyn l mcgregor)
    Not “by chance” but on purpose bring a friend or several friends to share this uplifting afternoon. 

Wauneta Breeze

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