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Wauneta Senior Center cook Krystal Hunt prepares a favorite of the center’s lunch clients -- Indian tacos.

19-year-old Hunt returns to Wauneta as cook at senior center

Coming from a family of seven, and often cooking at church functions, Krystal Hunt is used to cooking for crowds.
    Good thing, because the 19-year-old is now the cook at the Wauneta Senior Center, where she serves 25 people on some days.
    It actually is her second stint in the job. She was first hired to cook last summer.
    “I’ve known Myra (Large, the center’s former director) for a long time, so I put in my application,” she said. “The longer I’ve cooked, the more I’ve enjoyed it. I kind of just thought it sounded fun.”
    After six months, she left for college in Pennsylvania. But after a semester, she came back to Wauneta and was rehired in June. She does not plan to return to school.
    But the job entails more than just cooking. Hunt also is responsible for coming up with menus, which are subject to restrictions to be able to receive government aid.
    Each meal, for example, must have so much of each food group, and in certain amounts.
    And the meals have to be varied.
    “You can’t do chicken two times in a week,” she said. “If you have a roast and hamburgers, you can if they’re far enough apart. It makes it kind of complicated.”
    That part of the job is somewhat less complicated now that Hunt has a few months, and a few menu cycles, under her belt.

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