WTCT Happenings

One day this week or maybe last week if you had visited Sunrise Heights you might have been surprised to see the people who take care of residents were allowed a day to wear shorts and tank tops. The CNA’s that wore those looked very comfortable as they hurried around. They are especially busy during meal time and I can’t tell you how many residents have extra help with eating and drinking during the meal.
    The aides know who they are and those residents go back to their room or the T.V. area feeling quite satisfied until the next meal.
    I guess, I feel it is hard to be ready to go to meals. I’d rather write my friends and family. I now have another great-grandchild, a little girl, born to my youngest grandson and wife, Victoria.
    I don’t know what goes on any differently here at Sunrise Heights. I’m reading a good book that a good friend sent to me by mail. A friend, our hair dresser, gave me her glasses she bought and they were a bit stronger than my own glasses. My eyes are too old and tired so I haven’t had much luck with the last glasses I got from an eye doctor. They always say my examination turns out to be the prescription mine are.

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