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I hope I do better about doing an article for Wauneta Care and Therapy Center than I was when it was Sunrise Heights. That tells me who I am, one who doesn’t feel comfortable making changes.
    I look back on the many changes I have made through the years. The first change was being left without my mother. I can remember things about her from the time I was little to when she had to go, a victim of cancer and not very old.
    Later in my life there was the change of me starting high school, a definite change from my years I spent in our one-room country school. That was the love of my life for my early years. I adjusted to high school rather easily.
    When I chose to be married I had been used to being happy and  staying in the home with my father. I was blessed with a special and loving man, my father, who I adored.
    Changes later were moving to a new location and much later was married life. The change from being a full time housewife to my change to a lady who took a job in town.  The change to a different job was hard for me to think I was smart enough to do the job in the grocery store. Then after a few years I was encouraged to go to the Co-op Exchange office where I worked with their full-time bookkeeper. Reva did a lot to help me learn some bookkeeping and through a few years of work we became good friends.

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