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I saw on the electronic board a nice little note on relatives. We all have them and it helps to be reminded of ours and to keep them as friends. The one I like a lot, cousins are playmates as they are growing up together and as they grow older they have become good friends.
    Those who are part of a large family will enjoy their cousins and get to appreciate their aunts and uncles, the parents of their cousins.
    As I’m part of a very small family, so I have lots of nieces and nephews because of my marriage and my husband was from a large family.
    My sister had no children for me to be aunt and it was turned around all she became an aunt to our sons. They were special to her and they were a special aunt and uncle.
    The electronic bulletin board also tells us there is an “Aunt and Uncle Day” to observe July 26 and also a “Parents Day” on July 23. That will continue what you celebrate on both Mother’s and Father’s Day.
    I’ll remember my father on July 25, that was his birthday and also was my sister’s husband birthday and both their names were Ed.
    So I began this to tell you to enjoy the little item that cousins are childhood playmates and grow up to be good friends. A lot of you parents are seeing that happen.

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