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Seems like time flies. I appreciate when I can sit in my recliner and read which leaves me less free time that I once had.
    My dear friend brought me three books and she doesn’t want them returned and I’ve started two of them.
    When I read my last article I was embarrassed to see in there, when I was writing on the Valentine’s activity at Kids Corner I sat in on their craft project and their leader provided kits they put together and I got one too. When I got there they were all finished and they had a Valentine’s bug. I apologize that all through the article in last’s  week paper my “u” in “bug,” due to my poor paper writing these days was mistaken  for an “a” so mention of the “Valentine’s bug” came out all through the article as bag.
     The little bug had little hearts at the ends of its feelers. The little bug had big bug eyes that made him especially lovable. So to you young women who come up with things of interest to the little children at your Kids Corner meeting each Saturday morning: you all deserve a red ribbon for getting the ideas for Kids Corner. It is a good feeling to watch the little people enthused with the session just for them.

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