Sunrise Heights Happenings

Time for another article from our home on the hills. I read that we here at Sunrise Heights may be endeavoring a new name. Too many other places share our Sunrise name.
    It’s appropriate for us because we’re up here where we can really see the sunrise. At the end of this east hall are big doors that lead out to a walk that is high above the ground level. Long ago my son Vaughn and I stood out there and listened to thunder northwest of this building.
    Another time it was raining and I saw our yellow kitty (her name was Lucky) meowing wanting in. She knew it was the place a kitty could be.
    When our sister kitty came to live with us, they were just kittens so she needed to be indoors day and night to be safe, their place to sleep every night ut was and still is “Sugar” is our only kitty now. All the help knows she needs to be put in there. Her food and water is in the big food and water  bowls.
     There are times she is somewhere sleeping so she has to be found.
    Now this another story about our animals. When I came here, I had a kitty at home with me and they said bring him up here and he had been afraid of people. If someone came he would run as fast as he could to hide under my bed. So he didn’t come to the nursing home. My good neighbors Rhonda and Lynn took care of him. They had been there when I called after I had a stroke. They got the help I needed and because of the stroke I couldn’t go back home to live alone again.

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