Sunrise Heights Happenings

For this week I’ll mention a few things I’ve observed at Sunrise lately. First we had a yard covered with snow today! That is always nice to see when you are inside and warm.
    I haven’t had my hair done each week lately. Our hair dresser comes on Fridays and I decided to get mine done today. I waited while she cut a gentleman’s hair. She did a couple of ladies while I was under the dryer.
    I asked Julie to get stamps for me when she went after mail. The stamps Julie got for me are of “Snowbirds in the snow.”
    The new floor and stove are all ready to use. I went to look at it after Bingo Wednesday, but the kitchen door was closed and locked, I suppose. I’m sure the cooks appreciate the new place to work.
    Did all of you remember Feb. 2 was Groundhog Day?
    Our table in the dining room each place setting had a little reminder of the holiday, dreamed up and made by our talented Activity Director, Karla.

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