Historical Society to host history enthusiast as speaker at banquet

The Chase County Historical Society will be holding its annual dinner and business meeting this Sunday at the Champion Community Center.
    The dinner will begin at 6 p.m. followed by the keynote speaker, Don Keller of Trenton.
    Keller belongs to a group of fellow history buffs in Trenton who run the visitor center near the Massacre Canyon Historical Monument east of Trenton on Highway 34.
    The center is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
    He will be speaking on the story surrounding Massacre Canyon where, on Aug. 5, 1873, a Sioux Indian tribe wiped out a Pawnee tribe in a battle over hunting grounds.
    In addition, Keller will talk about another historical site nearby called the Williams Stegomastodon site.
    The fossilized skeleton of a pre-historic, elephant-like animal was excavated by paleontologists from the University of Nebraska State Museum (UNSM) in 1997.

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