Grant & Ogallala Women’s Connection News

A basket full of fruit is a basket full of fun!!
    The August meeting of the Grant & Ogallala Women’s Connection will be held Tuesday Aug. 20 at the Petrified Wood Gallery in Ogallala and it is destined to be refreshing and rewarding!
    The meeting will begin at 1:00 MT and tickets are just $5.00 at the door. The afternoon will begin with Joyce Mickelson demonstrating how to cut and prepare a melon basket then everyone will enjoy refreshments of melon and fruit.
    Carol Nankivel will be the guest speaker sharing her story “Sticks & Stones” It may be called a Diary or a Journal or maybe just a notebook. Whatever you call it, it is filled with words. Words that tell stories of life. Carol talks about how the power of words has affected her life and how she has overcome a battle with low self-esteem and depression to change her life from the negative to the positive. She encourages writing down memories and life stories and keeping them in a notebook, because ‘Everyone will one day want to know about their grandparents’ and stories of life their and heritage.

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