Grant & Ogallala Women’s Connection News

    It is spring and new life is popping up all over! It is time for new beginnings and the Grant & Ogallala Women’s Connection wants to help everyone update images, update current wardrobes, and find their inner beauty!
    Join family and friends on Tuesday April 16 beginning at 1:00 MT at the Petrified Wood Gallery in Ogallala.
    Tickets are just $5.00 at the door and everyone is welcome.
    Kathryn Graves, a style expert and fashion coach, from Haysville Kansas will be sharing her special skills in finding your fresh sense of beauty in and out side! Kathryn has spent 15 years in the fashion industry helping women with self esteem and fashions. She is currently the director of a pregnancy care center where she helps women in crisis.  She has written several books including “Fashioned by God”.  
    The afternoon includes refreshments.
    Reservations are very much appreciated and can be made by calling Wanda Poppe at 308-353-1715, Marilyn Dahlkoetter at 308-284-3837 or Evelyn Mc Gregor at 308-289-5801. Reservations can also be made via email to .
    Start your new beginning by making reservations today.  Invite your family and neighbors to join you-it is time to “bloom”!


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