Chase County not immune to scams

In this day and age more and more people are susceptible to scams. With technology advancing and everything moving to the cyber world, the playing field for hackers to collect personal and important information from individuals has risen to a whole other level.
    Computer hacking and email scams, known as phishing, are included among the risks of sharing information online.
    Phishing is a method in which people are duped into providing their own personal data to a thief who is posing as a legitimate business or agency.
    Chase County has had its fair share of scams whether is was via emails, phone calls, letters or door-to-door sales men.
    Wanda Westfahl, of Imperial, is a prime example of what one should do if they are a recipient of a concerning/suspicious email, letter, phone call, etc.
    After receiving an email from Walmart claiming that Westfahl had ordered something online, and needed to contact them immediately to ensure a successful arrival, she called Walmart’s official support phone number.

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