Using the internet well starts with skepticism

During my first class in graduate school, in 2011, I had a rather odd realization when I looked around the room.
    All of my classmates were literally half my age. And perhaps because we were discussing a photo that had gone viral, I realized that I was the only person in the room, with the possible exception of the professor, who remembered when there was no internet. And I was certainly the only person who remembered when you didn’t have an internet to use at work.
    It was a weird realization. It struck me as particularly strange because I can no longer imagine doing my job without it, at least not as easily.
    I remember the first time I ever used the internet for research on a story. The story was about a local Catholic priest who had spent years in Peru. Somehow, he wound up on a hit list kept by the Shining Path, a particularly vicious guerilla group.

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