Saga of composting preference continues

As I dumped veggie scraps, egg shells and coffee grounds on the compost pile, my mind shifted to a gal who got started composting last summer. Our vibes must have crossed as I heard from her a day later, wondering if I continue to compost during the winter.
    Yes I do but it's just a matter of adding to the pile and letting it do its own thing. I seldom stir or pay attention to the right combination of greens and browns. It experiences snow, wind and sunshine, just like us. My worm family didn’t survive.
    We shared stories and establishing a support group came up. Sound crazy? Ironically I had yet another compost contact in the same week, then another.
    As I've said in the past, you either take interest in the composting process or you absolutely do not. Believe me. Some people get passionate.
    For me, it's witnessing the natural miracle that turns trash into rich soil.
    I still use the office coffee grounds as the well as the rich blend saved for me at the 509 Broadway coffee shop. Those grounds create java that sparks community fellowship. For the passionate composter, sentimental value also plays in.

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