No easy answers for Nebraska football fans’ many questions

“Hey, Mom!”
    It never fails, as soon as we get buckled into the car the questions start flying from the back seat. Even though I’m three feet away, my son always waits for me to respond to “Hey, Mom!” before going on.
    “Hey, Mom! What’s your favorite thing?” Easy. Silence.
    “Hey, Mom! If you could only eat vegetables, meat or bread for an entire month, which would you choose?”
    “Hey, Mom! If you could jump into any book, which one would you choose?”
    “What’s the best thing that’s ever been invented?”
    “If your life had a theme song, what would it be?    
    After 10 miles of questions he asked, “Hey, Mom! What’s your earliest memory.”
    That one was harder.
    Most of my earliest memories are of family dinners. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep with family gathered around either listening or watching Nebraska football.
    Most of us native Nebraskans can tell you where we were during the 1984 Orange Bowl, the 1995 Orange Bowl, the 1996 Fiesta Bowl and the 1998 Orange Bowl.
    I remember so many years of steam rolling opponents, but knowing Oklahoma lay ahead.
    I remember dreading bowl games.

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