Kapernick not alone in not saluting the flag

    I have a secret I’ll share with you.
    It doesn’t bug me when Colin Kaepernick and other athletes kneel during the national anthem.
    Last week on the way to school my son informed me I wasn’t allowed to wear anything Nike because “some guy” who kneels during the national anthem signed a contract with it.
    When it comes to the flag, we start them young around here. At the preschool I also work at we say the Pledge of Allegiance each day. We teach the kids to have a hand on their heart, eyes on the flag and stand still.
    If three and four-year-olds can do it, why can’t adults? I’ve watched many athletes on TV not salute the flag during the anthem.
    It’s reached the point that it’s no longer shown on TV, but remember when they did? How many athletes did you see with their hands behind their backs, heads bowed and swaying back-and-forth to their own rhythm?
    Go to YouTube and watch videos. During 2018 Super Bowl Anthem, many athletes were shown with their hands over their hearts, but some without.
    NBA players didn’t cover their hearts during the anthem for their all-star game this winter.
    So why are we freaking out about Kaepernick? During the 2014 Super Bowl anthem the crowd cheered, coincidence or not, when Kaepernick was shown on the screen.
    Americans across the county have vocally exercised their freedom of speech cursing Kaepernick’s name for kneeling in peaceful protest.
    Would we prefer he use his popularity and freedom of speech to attack law enforcement and encourage people to act out?
    Of course not.
Diane Stamm is a reporter at the Wauneta Breeze. She has a passion for sports, photography and family. Email: breeze.sports@jpipapers.com.


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