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Composting creates sentimental passion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Friday, 20 May 2016 18:26

By Lori Pankonin

Johnson Publications


Never would I have suspected when I started composting that I would get so excited and intrigued by the process.

Oh my gosh. The other day I went to toss a bucket of waste into the compost bin and was astounded by the time I spent watching my worms in action. I actually get a buzz moving dirt to reveal the crawling creatures.

There’s just something about witnessing an age-old process where veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, newspaper shreddings, leaves, etc., naturally break down to make a rich nutrient-filled soil. And to think those very items often times end up down the garbage disposal or in the trash in many homes.

I’ll admit it seems absolutely crazy but I’ve become passionate about the process. I read that newspaper with soy ink is a good “brown” component in the necessary “brown” and “green” compost combination.

Our own Johnson Publications newspapers are printed with soy ink. What better ingredient than hometown news, shredded and stirred into the Mother Nature concoction. The coffee pot is on at the office all week while staff diligently works to produce the newspaper. Coffee grounds. Another nutritious ingredient for the mix.

On occasion, I slip in coffee grounds from the church. I should develop a habit to pick those up regularly. After all, fellowship time over a cup of coffee creates connections. Might as well add another feel-good component.

It’s absolutely amazing how conversations develop with others who compost. The non-composter acts baffled as to why such a topic creates interest. Yet it does.

Just recently, a Floridian who has spent several weeks here visiting family, talked about his compost pile that was taller than him when he left home last year. After weeks in Nebraska, then Alaska, he and his wife returned to Florida to find the pile had indeed naturally decomposed to about a third the amount. Onto the garden plot it went to get tilled into the soil for a natural nutrition boost

I think back to clean-up time after a holiday when I came across the Pictionary drawings created by multi generations. Flash backs of the laughs and special moments enjoyed with my mom and my grandkids as we spent quality time playing a game warmed my heart. I shredded the drawings and stirred them into my compost.

I made hard boiled eggs recently and thought of a friend from the assisted living. She told me several times that you should shake the cooked eggs in the pan to break up the shells so they’re ready to peel. Putting those egg shells in my compost added a warm thought of Irene who is no longer living. I cherish the continued tie with her family.

The roses my hubby gave me for my birthday last month were another recent addition. They no longer maintained their gorgeous beauty but I didn’t have to throw them out. They’re part of my love pile.

My friend in the mountains mentioned red worms and how they add to the decomposing process. Lo and behold, I found myself ordering worms. I got really excited following the tracking as they made their journey here. I even shredded the newspaper they were wrapped in to accompany them to their first potluck meal in their new home. I’m quite sure they’re happy.

Somewhere along the line, I ordered an Ecotonix grinder that sits in a corner on my kitchen counter. I crank the handle which chops my fruit and veggie waste into small pieces, thereby making it decompose faster. As suggested on the directions, I first put banana peels in the freezer so they chop up easier.

I warned you that I’m becoming obsessed. I truly have a new passion.