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Surprised by friendly reaction to spooky character PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Friday, 20 November 2015 20:21

By Lori Pankonin


Pre-Halloween found me glad that a co-worker warned me about the character in our front office. Despite the warning, I still jumped with a jolt when I first encountered Freaky Farleigh upon entering the office at night.

Farleigh talked and rolled his eyes when he detected movement, truly causing my heart to race. Memories sparked of the life-size Santa who sat in the front office during the holidays who also created some uneasy emotions over the years.

Long-haired Farleigh, adorned in butler attire and holding a tray, greeted our young trick-or-treaters who filed in by the hundreds. His greetings were rather haunted house sounding and his rolling eyes gave me and other adults the heebie geebies.

I was especially reluctant to spook the little girls or toddlers so I placed a basket of treats at a distance so they didn’t have to approach the host. Some indeed did stay away.

However for the most part, reactions found me stunned. One adorable little blondie, whom I’ve witnessed staying pretty close to her mommy, stood right up close to Farleigh and smiled with joy. It was as if she had a new buddy and she didn’t care to leave him.

Toddlers often scream when parents think they should smile for a picture on Santa’s lap. Yet youngsters of all ages reached out to Farleigh, laughing and waiting for his next reaction. Some returned with their friends.

One little girl stared from the doorway, summoned by the rest of her family to continue down the street with them. “I like him,” she kept repeating. It was adorable.

Trust was not the reaction of the family dog when Farleigh moved from our office to a home setting. Growls and snarls resounded as Doober protected his human friend until Farleigh was finally covered up.

My grandkids were staying for the weekend and were delighted that the movie, Hotel Transylvania 2, was showing at the theater. They obviously weren’t the only kids in town who looked forward to the flick as it was a packed house.

The kids questioned if I would understand the plot since I didn’t see the first show so theyproceeded to fill me in. Dracula? Really? My little princess-loving granddaughter was excited about a Dracula movie?

Granted it was animated and had a modern twist to the monster comedy adventure. Drac had come to accept his human son-in-law but was worried that his half-human grandson showed no vampire tendencies.

He was determined to see fangs appear on cute little Dennis, frustrated that the monster-in-training boot camp had become far too friendly since his vampire training as a child.

Laughter filled the theater. The happy ending didn’t find anyone leaving in fear. For me, it was just another sign of the times. Chalk it up to another grandma experience of a new perspective.