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The real questions call for the honest truth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 24 September 2015 20:49

“Mom, I have a tricky question for you.”

I paused for a minute, pondering my son’s intro, while some of the past questions ran through my mind.

“Do monkeys get chicken pox?”

“What if I’m Jewish?”

“Would you rather give a pig a piggy back ride or a bear a bear hug?”

“If your stomach explodes, will you die immediately?”

“You had that shirt in high school? How does it still fit?”

“Does it stink to be an adult?”

Not to mention the old standbys of Where, When and Why questions.

I’ve learned to take my time when answering questions. Sometimes it’s a matter of how little information do I need to give, because we all know you can give too much info which brings other questions to mind.

Then there are times when I need to quit what I’m doing and make eye contact.

His question on that day, “Who do you love more, dad or grandpa?”

I should have seen it coming. The spring had been filled with questions about love and marriage.

He had made it clear he didn’t want to get married. Getting down on one knee and asking a girl to marry him was just too much. He also doesn’t want to have to ask for her parents’ permission.

e had asked questions about his father and me, how did we meet, how did dad ask me to marry him, what did we wear when we were married?

The subject of children had also crossed his mind. When one of his classmate’s mom posted pictures of a family trip to Denver, I mentioned to my son that she was on a trip.

He said, “Thank goodness! I’m too young to be a father.”

When he asked me who I loved more, I thought it through for a minute and finally said, “I love them both very much, in very different ways.”

He apparently found the answer satisfactory and, as he started to walk away, I added, “But, I love you and your sister more than anybody.”

No question about it.