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Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 30 July 2015 17:59

10 years ago this week

July 28, 2005

Harvest Fest begins tonight (Thursday). Theme: “Wauneta Patriotic and Proud.”

Last week’s high was 110° with temp on bank corner reaching 123°. This week’s high in the 70s resembled last week’s overnight lows.

DeHart family members met at the Enders Lake Golf Course for their annual reunion with 17 attending. Two 80th birthdays were celebrated with a cake for Beulah DeHart and a cake for Irene Wright.

Diana and Kenny Ham flew to Phoenix from Denver on the 15th, visiting daughter Jeri League. Highlight of the trip was Jeri’s gift to them when they all went sky-diving for Diana’s 50th birthday.

Joyce Hutchins of Iverness, Fla., and son Art and Rieko Hutchins of Ocala, Fla., spent Tuesday to Friday with Barb and Bob O’Dea. They also visited Della Merrill at Heritage.

Joy Wheeler and Renee Wheeler flew to Atlanta, Ga., from Omaha where they visited Anita and Todd Colwell and girls at Alpharetta. They returned bringing the Wheelers’ granddaughters, Alecia, Audrey, Anna and Abbie to Wauneta for a visit.

Twilla Denker spent two weeks in Rose Hill, Kan., with Scott and Ellen Denker, Justin and Benjamin and new granddaughter, Nikita.

Wauneta-Palisade’s high school boys basketball team captured state gold at the Cornhusker State Games in Lincoln. Earning gold medals were Chris Crowell, Chad Flaig, Andrew Isom, Russell Ridlen, Trevor Ridlen, Tyler Riener and James Strand.

No precip. High for the week: 110° on July 20; low: 66° on July 18.

Grain markets from the Frenchman Valley Co-op: wheat-2.97; corn-1.96; milo-1.74; sunflowers-9.50. From the Palisade Elevator: wheat-2.93; corn-1.94; milo-3.11; soybeans-6.26.


25 years ago this week

July 26, 1990

Seven area fire departments joined forces Tuesday and Wednesday to contain a pasture fire that destroyed about 1,800 acres of grass north of Hamlet. The Palisade and Hayes Center departments were called in first, later calling in departments from Wauneta, Stratton, Trenton, Imperial and Culbertson. The first fire caused by lightning was put out by rain when lightning struck in the Art Bush pasture. After six hours the fire was finally under control. Firemen estimated about 26 pieces of fire fighting equipment were on the scene, accompanied by 60 to 75 fire fighters. High winds came up early Wednesday morning with hot embers igniting dry grass with mutual aid being called in again. Later two spray planes from Imperial were called in  and a call made to Civil Defense authorities Wednesday afternoon requesting more planes. Four planes joined the aerial attack about 4 p.m. and the fire was finally brought under control. At about 9 p.m. the two remaining departments left the scene.

Wauneta’s newest addition — Crossroads CBS Gas, Inc. Plains Oil Company #2  opened its doors in December, 1946 with Vilas Shackelford and Cecil Steckman as partners. Steckman bought full interest in 1966. With Plains #1 and Plains #2 both operating in Wauneta, there was always confusion between and two so Steckman renamed the business Crossroads CBS Gas, Inc. Kent and wife Karen purchased full interest in 1983. The new facility was begun in the fall of 1983 to the east. Long time employees include Kerry Denker and Dave Hamilton along with clerks Judy Nordhausen, Jo Fanning and Wendi Nordhausen.

A group from the Frenchman Valley Art Association gathered at the home of Ila Widger to make quilts for AIDS babies. Helping to complete quilts were Gladys Hoffmeister, Isabelle Denton, Sandra Nelson, Joyce Bernard, Ellen Prior, Marjorie Wheeler and Ila. Roger Rowley helped with signs on other projects and Nina Fortkamp provided material.

Velma and Ray Hromas vacationed four days in Branson, Mo.

Friday picnic guests of Bob and Pat Kitt were Ken Kitt and boys, Ron and Orla Kitt and girls to observe Ken and Ron’s July 20 birthdays. Other guests were Erma Kitt, Erma Newman, Rodger and Colleen Gage and Ellie Heldenbrand.

Lavern and Shirley Beezley of Boulder, Colo., visited his cousin, Marvin, and Mary Emma Maris Sunday.

Precip for the week: .72 of an inch.

Grain Markets: wheat-2.61/bu.; corn-2.62/bu.; milo-3.95/cwt.; soybeans-5.42/bu.; oats-.90/bu.


50 years ago this week

July 29, 1965

Chipkakay Indian dancers, Scout Troop III of Vinceenes, Ind., performed some of their historic dances at Enders Lake last Sunday evening. The group is on an annual three week tour and will attend several Indian ceremonials in the southwest. One of the boys, Eddie Rea, is a nephew of Mrs. Leo Crowell and Mrs. Carl Widger.

Joseph Rietsch is among a group of college graduates selected nationally to take part in a special two-year Chevrolet engineering training program.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Williams were Sunday morning breakfast guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nowka as a birthday surprise for Ed’s birthday.

Kathleen Weimer and Jolene Priest celebrated their birthdays with a swimming party at the Wauneta pool. A luncheon was served after the swim.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carey and girls vacationed with 13 other Methodist families the past week, visiting Ponca State Park on the Missouri River, Fort Randall Dam, Valentine City Park, Chadron State Park, Custer and Spearfish, S.D., and attended the Passion Play.

Those attending a surprise birthday coffee Friday for Mrs. Harold Maris were Mr. and Mrs. Junior Kitt and girls, Mrs. Leonard Gauger, Mrs. Ben Gauger, Mrs. Richard Bardsley and Mrs. Eddie Nichols.


75 years ago this week

July 24, 1940

Egg Day in Wauneta Saturday! Egg producers are encouraged to bring their eggs to business houses in town who sell eggs. The highest cash price will be paid to the egg producers with one cent extra paid by the Commercial Club. Truckers barred.

A group of the younger set held a picnic at the Geo. Hoffmeister cabin Sunday evening. Those present were Dr. and Mrs. R. Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Green, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Athey and Bruce McCallum.

The Shiloh Community surprised Mr. and Mrs. Cletis Davis last Thursday evening at their home to bid them farewell before they left for their new home in Washington D.C. A handkerchief shower and a purse of silver was presented to them to use to buy a gift for their new home.

Mrs. Emma Walbridge, Mrs. Guy Sailors and Mrs. E. Smith and son Ivan of Palisade visited Thursday with the Steve Moodys.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Frasier and children, Gary and Marilyn of Minturn, Colo., returned to their home after visiting the past two weeks with parents Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Frasier and Mrs. Myrtle Sims.

100 years ago this week

July 29, 1915

Rains this week have put harvest back for a few days.

The small grain crop is the largest this section has ever had. The wheat is very heavy and has a long head. Some fields will yield 35 bu. per acre.

Ben Trembly is home from the sandhills helping his father harvest.

Henry Heye has the foundation laid for a new barn.

Mrs. G. G. Athey and Eunice returned from Bartley where they had attended the Chautauqua and visited friends.

Homer and Ralph Grosbach left for San Francisco Mon.

Wauneta Markets: wheat- $1.10; corn-.60; barley-.50; hogs-6.25; eggs-.12; butter-.18.


125 years ago this week

July 24, 1890

Last Friday noon the first robbery in the history of Wauneta occurred. While J. W. McClellan, proprietor of the city drug store, was absent at his dinner, some local cracksman broke open the back door of the store, tapped the till of its contents with the exception of the nickels and dimes and helped himself to some articles of merchandise. The door was within 25 feet of the windows of the living rooms in the rear of McNaul & Wisner’s store but Mrs. McNaul hearing a noise assumed it was Mr. McClellan. The thief secured twelve or fifteen dollars in money.

A glorious rain Wednesday!

Quite a number of boys attended the Stinkingwater races Sunday.

Delegates to the County convention on Saturday were: W.W. Fisher, D.E. Polly, J.J. Doty, J.S. Harden and E.L. Baker.

J.A.Shaw and family, who have been stopping at Denver for a time, arrived here on Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Dimick. Mr. Shaw is President of the Wauneta Falls Bank in which Mr. Dimick is Cashier.