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Wauneta-Palisade students’ achievements recognized at Honors Night PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

WP guidance counselor Jenae Harris announced the members of the high school honor roll at Honors Night Monday. Members who maintained a 4.0 grade point average include, seated from left, Miranda Behrends, Nicole Strand and Lesley Towery. Members who have maintained a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA included, middle from left, Ellie Lee, Leiauna Alberts, Hannah Nordhausen, Sydnee Harchelroad, Christi Christner, back from left, Hayden Pollmann, Brianna Einspahr, Brooklyn Nordhausen, Tailor Lee, Wes Anderjaska, Brody Nordhausen, Melany Morales and Jasmyn Smith. Not pictured: Cameo Rector, Paul Behrends, Tom McGraw, Cassidy Rathe. (Sheri Hink-Wagner | The Wauneta Breeze)

By Sheri Hink-Wagner

The Wauneta Breeze


Wauneta-Palisade students, faculty, parents and loved-ones gathered at the Wauneta Attendance Center Monday night to honor the achievements of Wauneta-Palisade junior and senior high students.

Each teacher gave students awards based on their subject area. Teacher awards are listed below in the order they were given at Honors Night.


Music, physics

Aaron Behrends presented awards to students who excelled in choir, band and physics:

• Choir: Paul Behrends

• Band: Cassidy Rathe

• Physics: Tom McGraw, Wes Anderjaska


Art, metal, woods

Chad Cochran presented outstanding artist awards to:

• 7th grade: Peyton Sramek

• 8th grade: Kenna Blackman

• Art 1: Taylor Hiett

• Art 2: Leiauna Alberts

• Art 3: Austin Hicks

• Art 4: Brooklyn Nordhausen

• Welding: Brody Nordhausen



Printha Fox presented the 2014 Spanish award to Brooklyn Nordhausen.


Social science

Jill Hurtt gave awards to all students who maintained an A average:

• Government: Leiauna Alberts, Christi Christner, Gage Crowell, Brianna Einspahr, Sydnee Harchelroad, Thomas McGraw, Hannah Nordhausen, Nicole Strand, Leslie Towery

• American History: Wes Anderjaska, Abbie Fanning, James Martin, Brooklyn Nordhausen, Hayden Pollmann, Cassidy Rathe, Jasmyn Smith

• World History: Paul Behrends, Ellie Lee, Cameo Rector

• Geography: Miranda Behrends, Brody Nordhausen

• Current Events: Brianna Einspahr



Marilyn Houdek presented awards to students who have excelled in her classes:

• Woods: Gage Crowell

• Most Improved Oxyacetylene Welder: Landon Jutten

• Most Improved ARC welder: Logan Fischer

• Most Improved ARC & MIG welder: Michael Lovell

• Best Effort and participation in Ag. Mechanics: Billy Straub, Joe Sramek

• Best Dedication and effort in 7th grade Agriculuture: Thomas Bley

• Best Dedication and effort in 8th grade Agriculture: Willis Christner

• Best Dedication and effort in beginning woods and welding: Austin Hicks

• Best Dedication and effort in Animal Science: Maycee Hicks



Denise Janicek gave awards to students who excelled in each of her classes:

• Algebra I: Melany Morales, Natalie Ramirez

• Geometry: Ellie Lee

• Advanced Math: Hannah Nordhausen, Nicole Strand

• Calculus: Hayden Pollmann, Cassidy Rathe, Jasmyn Smith


Journalism, Junior High English and social studies

Betsy Johanson gave awards for excellence in her classes:

• English 7: Joel Maris, Paxton Gleason

• Social Studies 7: Lake Reikofski

• English 8: Bethany Long

• Social Studies 8: Natalie Ramirez, Reagan Skow

She also gave special recognition for the novel fair to:

• Kenna Blackman

• Lanee Nordhausen

• Caid Doetker

• Harlee Jahn

Johanson also gave special recognition for a relentless pursuit of excellence awards to:

• Ashley Knotts

• Dalton Harchelroad

• Faith Simpson

• Alejandra Almanza


Math, seventh grade science

Jennifer Loker gave awards to the top students in her classes:

• Algebra 2: Lesley Towery

• Algebra 1 and Essential Math: Jake Day

• Math 8: Alejandra Almanza

• Math 7: Lake Reikofski, Dalton Harchelroad, Ashley Knotts

• Science 7: Lake Reikofki

Loker also gave awards to inspirational/hardest working students:

• Algebra 2: Miranda Behrends

• Math 7: Monique Gooden


English, speech, drama

Liz Noler began her awards presentation by announcing the letter winners for One-Act:

• Brody Nordhausen

• Tyler Davis

• Chase Rathe

• Tailor Lee

• Brianna Einspahr

• Tryssta Duvel

• Kian Jones

• Cheyenne Cavanaugh

• Taylor Todd

• Tom McGraw

• Miranda Behrends

• Brooklyn Nordhausen

• Jasmyn Smith

• Taylor Gill

• Melany Morales

• Lorenzo Cavanaugh

Noler then recognized students who won awards for their acting achievements:

• Landon Jutten–Best Actor

• Hayden Pollmann–Best Supporting Actor

• Christi Christner–Best Supporting Actress

• Cameo Rector–Outstanding

• Lesley Towery–Outstanding

• Nicole Strand–Outstanding

• Stephanie Acosta

• Hannah Nordhausen

• Ellie Lee

• Paul Behrends

• Leiauna Alberts

• Gage Crowell

• Sydnee Harchelroad

• Wes Anderjaska

Next, Noler presented three awards students earned as top and runner-up actors or actresses of the entire competition. The runner up male actor at the Gothenburg competition was Hayden Pollman. The runner up female actress at the same competition was Christi Christner. The top award of best actor, received at a regular season competition and at the state level, was Landon Jutten.

Speech letters were given to:

• Hayden Pollmann

• Landon Jutten

• Nicole Strand

• Leiauna Alberts

• Christi Christner

• Cameo Rector

• Tom McGraw

• CeAnna Jahn

• LesleyTowery

• Paul Behrends

She also honored the speakers who went on to the state competition:

• OID: Leiauna Alberts, Christine Christner, Landon Jutten, Hayden Pollmann, Nicole Strand,

• Humorous Prose: Cameo Rector.

Lastly, Noler honored students who have excelled in each of her English classes:

• English 4: Jasmyn Smith

• English 3: Lesley Towery

• English 2: Ellie Lee

• English 1: Miranda Behrends



Teresa Hayes presented the following awards to her students:

• Certificate of Gratitude: James Martin, Aide

• 9th Grade Physical Science: Miranda Behrends, Brody Nordhausen

• Biology: Lesley Towery

• 8th Grade Science: Lanee Nordhausen, Natalie Ramirez

• Advanced Biology: Brianna Einspahr, Hannah Nordhausen, Nicole Strand

• Chemistry: Nicole Strand, Lesley Towery

• Advanced Chemistry and Special Recognition for First Place in chemistry at the McCook Interhigh Days: Tailor Lee.


Junior high sports

David Kuhlen presented awards to junior high students who participated in sports throughout the year. A list of individuals honored was not received in time to be included in this edition of the Breeze.


Weight training, RPAC ACT awards

Joseph Frecks gave the following awards:

• Weight lifter of the year: Brody Nordhausen

He also gave out the RPAC ACT awards:

• Gold: Jasmyn Smith

• Silver: Hayden Pollmann, Cassidy Rathe

• Bronze: Landon Jutten, Wes Anderjaska, Brooklyn Nordhausen.



Janae Harris announced scholarships that have been awarded to WP seniors as of Friday, May 2:

• Wes Anderjaska: Virginia D. Smith Scholarship; Palisade Foundation Scholarship; Wauneta United Methodist, $400; Hansen Charitable Foundation Scholarship; Hayes County Farm Bureau, $200; Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship; Hayes County 4-H Council.

• Lorenzo Cavanuagh: Wauneta EMS, $1,000; Wauneta United Methodist, $400.

• Abbie Fanning: Doane Community Award and Track Scholarship.

• Landon Jutten: Palisade Foundation Scholarship; Fort Hayes State University Hayes City Silver Award and Agriculture Award.

Tailor Lee: Leu Foundation Scholarship.

• James Martin: Palisade Foundation Scholarship.

• Brooklyn Nordhausen: Emma and Homer Hof, $500; Wauneta United Methodist, $400; Hester Homesteader Scholarship; Concordia Regents; Art and Lutheran Heritage Scholarships; Sunrise Heights, $500; Hansen Charitable Foundation Scholarship.

• Hayden Pollmann: Valley Bank and Trust, $500; UNL James Canfield Scholar.

• Cassidy Rathe: Walsh-Brady, Presidential and Inter-High Day Scholarships to McCook Community College; Palisade Foundation Scholarship.

• Jasmyn Smith: Regent’s Scholarship to UNO; Palisade Foundation Scholarship; Leu Foundation Scholarship.


High Honor Roll–4.0 GPA

The following students were recognized for maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout the school year:

• Miranda Behrends, Lesley Towery, Nicole Strand


Honor Roll–3.5-3.99 GPA

The following students were recognized for maintaining a GPA between 3.5 and 3.99 throughout the school year:

• Melany Morales, Brody Nordhausen, Cameo Rector, Paul Behrends, Ellie Lee, Hannah Nordhausen, Leiauna Alberts, Christine Christner, Thomas McGraw, Sydnee Harchelroad, Brianna Einspahr, Jasmyn Smith, Brooklyn Nordhausen, Tailor Lee, Hayden Pollmann, Cassidy Rathe, Wes Anderjaska.