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Sinner to serve another term as Village chairman PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 20:21

By Sheri Hink-Wagner

The Wauneta Breeze


The Wauneta Village Board elected Lloyd Sinner as chairman for another year during the board’s regular December meeting Tuesday, Dec. 9. Sinner was first elected as chairman of the board in 1996.

Sinner reappointed Tony Cribelli, who was unable to attend the meeting, as vice-chairman of the board.

Authorized check signers for the village were delegated as Sinner, Cribelli, Beau Kramer, Village Clerk Evelen Skelton and Deputy Clerk Sara Bardsley.

Authorized check signors for Sunrise Heights of Wauneta were set as Administrator Lisa Kisinger, Office Manager Julie Hoskovec, any village board member and Village Clerk Skelton. The nursing home’s policy states that any check over $1,500 written on a nursing home account must be signed by both a nursing home committee member and nursing home representative.

Arlan Wine was appointed as Village Attorney again for 2014.

The board also appointed commissioners and named individuals to the village’s various boards and committees. No changes were made to Village Commissioners for 2014.

The only change made to boards and committees was to remove Sheri Hink-Wagner from the Wauneta Economic Development Committee at her request and to add all members of the village board to the nursing home committee, with the stipulation that only two board members may attend any one nursing home committee meeting.


Turkey issue a concern for citizens

Board member Page Johnston informed the board that he had been contacted by residents regarding damages being inflicted on property in town from the wild turkeys.

Johnston indicated the number of turkeys in town has been growing, where it is a regular occurrence to see 100 or more turkeys in yards on the east side of town.

Residents informed Johnston the turkeys are getting up on houses and fences and causing damage to lawns and trees.

Johnston contacted the Game Warden Dirk Greene and Mike Sherman, the USDA Wildlife Specialist in Hayes Center.

Both men told Johnston it was likely that people within the village are feeding the turkeys, thus encouraging them to come into town.

Sherman also suggested possibly creating or amending a village ordinance prohibiting the feeding of wild animals in the city limits.

For now, the village has decided to make a plea to the public to stop feeding the turkeys as they continue to research another means to discourage the turkeys from habitually coming into town.


Credit/debit card payments

Board members also took the first step towards acceptance of credit and debit cards for payment at the Village of Wauneta at the December meeting.

The board has discussed the possibility previously, however the motion to accept credit card processing for payment was approved at the December meeting.

The village had been approached by Valley Bank and Trust Company about credit card processing services through First Payment Services.

Valley Bank representatives gave the village some basic numbers on what it would cost the village to accept credit and debit card payments.

After discussion village board members approved the motion to accept credit card payments. They plan to work with First Payment Services representatives to determine how to pass the costs for credit card payments on to customers utilizing the service.

Based on discussion it seems that individuals wishing to make credit card payments to the village will be charged a fee based on the amount of the payment. The board will determine the fee amounts at a future meeting.


New furnace for Ambulance Barn

Chairman Sinner asked the board to consider purchasing a new radiant heat furnace in the ambulance barn.

Sinner explained the ambulance barn currently only has one furnace, which was not operational for a short period recently.

Although the exact cost of the project is unknown, Sinner and the rest of the village board agreed the improvement is needed to properly care for the equipment and supplies stored in the building.

The village board decided to ask the ambulance maintenance person, Gary Hunt, to call a reputable heating and cooling company to ask them to determine the exact needs and draw up a specification sheet so the village can put out a call for bids or advertise the project.


Christmas bonuses

The village board approved Christmas bonuses for village employees. The full time employees and the deputy clerk will receive $125 in Chamber bucks, the librarian and village attorney will receive $75 in Chamber bucks and the pool manager will receive $60 in Chamber bucks.


Bid for well house improvements accepted

The village board approved a bid of $4,830 from S&S Construction to complete work on the village’s well house 2, the bulk water well.

The bid will include residing the building and rebuilding the hatch. It will also include putting a new steel door on the block building.


Eminent domain

The village board asked the village attorney to move forward on the land purchase needed to complete the water project through eminent domain.

The village previously attempted to purchase the small tract of land from a resident, but was unable to complete the purchase due to title issues on the property.


Nursing home report

Village board members reviewed October 2013 financials for Sunrise Heights of Wauneta. Nursing home committee chairman Page Johnston told the board the average resident days for October was 32 residents.

In summary, Johnston said, “We’re in good shape.”

He explained the nursing home has enjoyed $3,000 to $4,000 in operational revenue so far in the fiscal year, which started in July. However, Johnston said the amount of revenue may be even higher due to an anticipated reimbursement of as much as $10,000 or more from the State for Medicaid and Medicare services.

Johnston also told the board the nursing home’s workmen’s compensation insurance premium was lowered significantly–from $5,900 to $1,100.


Other items

The village board approved the Street Budget Reports, prepared by Greg Wolford, for submission to the Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards.

The report, which is reviewed each year, includes information about the village’s street budget, expenditures and revenues.

Village Superintendent Bill Bischoff explained the report is necessary due to the village’s highway allocation funding.

At the November village board meeting the board approved a bid from CDS Inspections and Beyond to provide lead-based paint services for the Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation project administered by Southwest Nebraska Community Betterment Corporation.

At the December meeting the board approved the contract CDS sent down regarding those services.

Also on the agenda, but not discussed in detail were the village’s updated comprehensive plan and the draft ATV/UTV ordinance. Both items will be discussed again at a future meeting.


Clerk’s report

Village Clerk Evelyn Skelton reported to the board that the village’s audit was completed since the November meeting. She said things went very well and an audit report is expected soon, probably after the first of the year.


Superintendent’s report

Bischoff told the board the village hosted CNN training in Imperial recently. He explained the group meets regularly to discuss electrical issues including metering and transformers. He explained the group meets every month except December.

Bischoff revisited the need to purchase new tires for the village’s loader, which he expects to cost approximately $1,500 per tire. He indicated the village can get government pricing at Wauneta Co-op Oil. He said government pricing is the same everywhere and therefore he plans to purchase the tires in town.

Bischoff also reported he had a meeting with a NPPD representative, who informed him that although the energy rates will not increase from NPPD, the transmission rate (the cost of putting energy over their lines) will increase .81 percent.

Due to the amount of time that has gone by since the last energy rate review Bischoff and Skelton told the board it would be prudent to have an audit done on the electric rates.

Bischoff asked the board if they would like him to get in touch with a consultant to inquire about the cost of an energy audit. The board indicated they would like him to do so.

The Wauneta Village Board meets at 7 p.m. MT on the second Tuesday of each month. The public is welcome to attend their meetings.