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Negative headlines against our school uncalled for PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 24 October 2013 18:29

Dear Editor:

I must respond to the stridently negative front page headlines of the Oct. 17th issue concerning our school system.

This article and horrendous headline were based on the results of one state test administered to the minimum required students in each grade, (thirty). Those few being tested can easily result in negative or inconclusive results if a mere handful do poorly, (three or four).

This NeSA test is but one of several avenues to determine the best educational track of our students. A negative test score is certainly to be noted and actions pursued to improve student achievement no way it deserves a glaring headline prominently displayed suggesting failure.

I wonder if this reporter ever took a test during her school years and did poorly. If so should we condemn her as a failure based on one test score?

The most important result of a school’s effort is how the students do after graduation.

Wauneta-Palisade students have done exceedingly well. They have succeeded in the over-all workforce, in trade schools, military and at the college and university levels. This success is directly attributable to the solid education from the Wauneta-Palisade school system.

We have a tremendous staff in our school system. They are professional educators, work hard and take their vocation very seriously.

These outstanding teachers and administrators deserve better than tabloid-like, negative and sensational front-page headlines.



Tony Cribelli

M. Ed., University of Northern Colo.

Wauneta, Neb.



Wauneta-Palisade schools began this school year with twenty-five (25) more students than were enrolled last May.