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Enders regains Chase County Cup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 18:50

Members of the Enders Lake Golf Course team winning the Chase County Cup this year included, from left, Matt Jablonski, Alan Carman, Dan Fulton, Matt Borchers, Joe Johnston, Lee Denker, Harold Nordhausen, Matt Klima, Eric Moreland, Matt Teply, Aaron Keiser, Captain John Burke and Kerry Denker.

By Russ Pankonin

The Imperial Republican


Saturday’s Chase County Cup competition between golfers from Enders Lake Golf Course (EGLC) and the Imperial Country Club (ICC) came down to final four singles matches.

Enders survived a late surge by Imperial in singles to score just enough points, 12.5 points, to take the cup away from Imperial. They needed 12 points to retain the cup but could only muster 11.5 points.

This year’s competition marks the 12th year of the annual event between the two courses. Each course has now won the cup six times.

The annual match pits 12 golfers from each course in Ryder Cup-style match play.

Match play format

In match play, the winner of each hole is determined by the lowest number of strokes on the hole by a player or team. If the scores end in a tie, there is no winner of the hole.

Strokes tallied on one hole do not carry over to the next. So if a golfer or team has a bad score on one hole, the stroke score starts anew on the next hole.

The first 18 holes are comprised of team play with nine holes of four ball and nine holes of alternating shot.

In four ball, two team members score their best ball against the best ball of the other team.

In alternating shot, or foursomes, the team members alternate shooting each shot. The team members also alternate which holes they tee off on. Each team’s score on the hole is used to determine if a hole is won or halved.

A total of six team points are at stake in both the four ball and alternating shot matches.

The final 12 points are awarded to the winners in the singles matches, where the golfers go head-to-head in match play format.

In the four-ball pairings, ELGC won 3.5 points with ICC taking 2.5 points.

In the alternating shot, ELGC widened their lead to 7.5 points after winning another 4 points compared to just 2 points for ICC.

As the cup holder, ICC needed just 12 total points to retain the cup while ELGC needed 12.5 points to take the cup away.

In the first eight matches of singles play, ICC won five outright to pull within a point of ELGC, 10.5 to 9.5 points.

In the final four matches, ICC needed 2.5 points for the comeback win. However, they won just one match and split two others to fall a half-point short.

In the 12-year history of the cup, this is only the second time that the cup has been won by a half-point. The last time occurred in 2009 when Enders scored 8 points in the singles but fell short in winning the cup back.

Golfers competing for ELGC included Eric Moreland, Joe Johnston, Alan Carman, Matt Teply, Matt Jablonski, Matt Borchers, Harold Nordhausen, Kerry Denker, Dan Fulton, Aaron Kaiser, Lee Denker and Matt Klima. John Burke served as the team’s non-playing captain.

Golfers competing for ICC includedJohn Paisley, Dan Russell, Mark Bishop, Brad Spady, Brady Torpin, Eric Exum, Matt Hanna, Eric McDaniel, Jim Pirog, Russ Pankonin, Kirk Wilson and Tom Luhrs. Bob Thomas served as Imper­ial’s non-playing captain.

Results of the matches are as follows:

Doubles Four Ball: Carman/Johnston (E) defeated Spady/Bishop (I), 2 up; Torpin/Exum (I) defeated Teply/Jablonski (E), 2&1; Russell/Paisley (I) defeated Nordhausen/Kerry Denker, (E) 3&2; Fulton/Moreland (E) defeated Pankonin/Wilson (I), 2&1; Lee Denker/Borchers (E) defeated Pirog/McDaniel (I), 2&1; Luhrs/Hanna (I) halved Klima/Keiser (E); Enders: 4 points, Imperial: 2 points.

Doubles Alternating Shot: Carman/Johnston (E) defeated Spady/Bishop (I), 2&1; Torpin/Exum (I) defeated Teply/Jablonski (E), 1 up; Nordhausen/Kerry Denker (E) defeated Russell/Paisley (I), 1 up; Fulton/Moreland (E) defeated Pankonin/Wilson (I), 3&2; Lee Denker/Borchers (E) defeated Pirog/McDaniel (I), 2&1; Luhrs/Hanna (I) defeated Klima/Keiser (E); Enders: 4 points, Imperial: 2 points.

Doubles Standings—Enders: 7.5, Imperial: 4.5 points.

Singles: Torpin (I) defeated with Carman (E), 1 up; Exum (I) defeated Johnston (E), 2&1; Nordhausen (E) defeated Spady (I), 3&2; Kerry Denker (E) defeated Bishop, 2&1; Pankonin (I) defeated Lee Denker (E), 1 up; Wilson (I) defeated Borchers (E), 4 & 2; ; Jablonski (E) defeated Paisley (I), 2&1; Russell (I) defeated Teply (E), 2&1; Keiser (E) defeated Pirog (I), 1 up; McDaniel (I) halved Klima (E); Luhrs (I) defeated Fulton (E), 3&2; Hanna (I) halved Moreland (E). Enders: 5 points, Imperial: 7 points.

Final standings: Enders: 12.5 points, Imperial: 11.5 points.