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Dog owners have until June 1 to comply with dog ordinances PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:42

By Russ Pankonin

The Wauneta Breeze


Dog owners in the Village of Wauneta with more than two dogs in or at their home will have until June 1, 2013 to come into compliance with the village’s ordinance dealing with dogs.

The village’s ordinance 2008-01 section 4.22 specifically limits the number of dogs permitted in or at the home to two adult dogs.

The matter was addressed during the village board regular meeting held Tuesday night, May 14.

The board has been addressing the dog issue following complaints received from citizens.

The village’s attorney, Arlan Wine, said the ordinance the village has on the books is fully enforceable.

Village Superintendent Bill Bischoff, who also serves as zoning administrator, said they are aware of three dog owners in violation of the ordinance.

All were notified by letter prior to last week’s board meeting of the anticipated discussion on the issue.

Resident Jill Hurt attended the meeting and explained her situation and plans for coming into compliance.

She said they are making arrangements to relocate some of their dogs so they wouldn’t be in violation of the ordinance.

Board Chair Lloyd Sinner asked her if arrangements could be completed by June 1. Hurt said that amount of time would be sufficient.

Board members suggested staying consistent and giving other dog owners in violation the same June 1 deadline to comply.

Wine said the ordinance does not specify a set fine for violations. That would be up to the judge if a person was found to be in violation of the ordinance.

Wine said he could suggest to the judge an amount for the fine but the amount would be solely up to the judge.

Board Member Tony Cribelli said the fine needs to be enough to discourage violation of the ordinance.

Wine is reviewing a new ordinance to address some of those issues. It will be reviewed at next month’s meeting.

The board also discussed another zoning violation where scrap metal was being stored in a residential neighborhood. The board set a July 1, 2013 date for compliance.


Owner-occupied rehab funds

Amy Thelander with the Southwest Nebraska Betterment Corporation in Grant asked the board if they would like to seek additional grant funds for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation.

Thelander said they completed rehab of 11 homes with the last round of funding.

She said the Nebraska Department of Economic Development indicated they are more interested in smaller projects.

As a result, she suggested the village apply for funds to rehab another six houses. The cost for the application preparations will run $3,500.

Funding is available up to $24,500 per home. For each year the homeowner lives in the home, the balance decreases 10 percent. If a homeowner stays in the home for 10 years, no repayment is due.

If the period is shorter than that, Thelander said DED can seek to recoup a prorated portion of their costs in the property.


Water project progressing

Progress continues to be made on the water project designed to reduce arsenic levels in the city water supply.

Bischoff said variable rate pumps have been installed in the city’s three wells.

The goal is to operate three wells at a lower rate than operating one well at a higher rate.

He said pulling water at a higher rate seems to pull more natural-forming arsenic from subsurface formations.

By pumping three wells at a lower level, engineers feel the levels can be reduced to meet federal standards.

Bischoff said Wauneta’s a test case to see how this works. State officials are watching the project with great interest.

Board members approved commencing with engineering for a $50,000 six-inch water main to provide a second connection to the portion of Wauneta east of the river.

If cost estimates come back within that $50,000 range, then bids will be let for the project.

If the project moves ahead, it will be paid for from reserves in the village’s water building fund.