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W-P students exploring broadcast Journalism PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Monday, 06 May 2013 23:36

Christi Christner uses one of the school's iPads to film Charlotte Pitts during their broadcast journalism class. Also helping with the segment covering school announcements was Tayler Nordhausen. Their shows can be found on the web at


By Diane Stamm

The Wauneta Breeze

Wauneta-Palisade students are seeing the school in a whole new light this year thanks to the first-year broadcast journalism class.

Eighteen students spend sixth hour between Liz Noler and Kathryn Pruter’s classrooms planning, filming and editing a weekly school news show.

Pruter got the idea at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association conference a year ago. Reading about a session at the conference, Pruter thought the class would be a fun and educational project for W-P students.

“I wanted to try putting together a student created school news show because I thought it would be a new challenge for our students, as well as myself,” Pruter said. “I also hoped it would provide an outlet to showcase some of the great things going on at Wauneta-Palisade, and offer our students an opportunity to be creative while learning new skills.”’

Superintendent Randy Geier said the class is a unique educational experience for W-P students.

“Students have a unique opportunity to study educational information, use data and transform the information into a hands-on project,” Geier said, adding, “This process includes using their imagination to come up with their script. I cannot think of a better way to encompass both sides of the brain for learning. The students have an opportunity to have fun during this type of educational experience.”

After planning on Fridays and Mondays, filming is done on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays using an iPad.

The class makes around five 45-second segments, including student spotlight, announcements, sports, Sebastian’s corner/word of the week, this day in history and Jake’s Music Box, plus the occasional additional segments are added depending on what extra things are going on or if there’s something to feature. Segments are edited by Tayler Nordhausen with the help of Pruter and ready to air by Fridays.

Teachers can air the seven-minute program in their classrooms at a time that is convenient.

Pruter said teachers and administrators have helped make the news show successful by allowing it to be shown during class. Geier added that viewers around the school have been very positive.

“Even the community has taken an interest in it, and once we made our site public we attracted quite a few viewers from outside of the school.” Pruter added that the class has featured several local businesses on the show in the Sebastian’s Corner segment.

While Logan Bischoff and Weylin Davis are permanent anchors, groups of two to three students are responsible for each segment. The setting is fluid. Groups are welcome to change member and/or which segment they cover for the week. Though Sebastian’s Corner sees regular rotation, others have become more permanent since Christmas.

Other class members are Jake Day, Abbie Fanning, Sydnee Harchelroad, Matt Holmes, Connor Kayton, Cody Lovell, Jacob Maris, Hannah Nordhausen, Charlotte Pitts, Emma Skelton, Christi Christner, Leiauna Alberts, Nicole Strand, Taylor Gill and Tom McGraw.

Pruter said the students who put the show together are creative and energetic about the project, which translates into the final product. Students are also committed to providing a quality product each week.

“We try to feature a variety of activities and classes so that everyone, even students who are not a part of this class, feel connected to the show,” said Pruter. “Our students have really put effort into including segments that are relevant to all our students.”

It doesn’t hurt that students have an opportunity to have fun during this type of educational experience, according to Geier.

After starting from scratch, Noler and Pruter have been pleased with the success of the show, but hope to make improvements based on this year’s experience. By looking at what has worked and what hasn’t the pair hope to improve the overall quality of the show and move beyond an iPad and the student’s imagination.

“I think that Mrs. Noler and I now have a good understanding of what types of adjustments we need to make for next year, and will be able to continue to guide our news team in honing their skills even more,” said Pruter.

Geier complimented Noler and Pruter, saying, “I think Mrs. Noler and Ms. Pruter have done an excellent job. They are not afarid to think ‘outside of the box’ in terms of education. I am very proud of Mrs. Noler and Ms. Pruter.”

The public can access the show at .